M8192 KDJ11-A ZKDJB2 XXDP Test Failure

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 13:21:05 CDT 2015

> Please, can someone from the natural english speakers here explain
> how this sentence is meant:
> This diagnostic tests the KDJ11 basic instruction set including EIS,
> TRAPS and the alternate register set. Ensure that halt trap option is
> disabled (jumper W9 installed)."

To me this means 

It tests that the instructions are executed correctly. These instructions include
the EIS and trap instructions. It tests the alternate regster set as well

The 'halt trap option' (whatever that may be) must be disabled. To disable this
you fit jumper W9. Therefore W9 must be fitted to run this test.

> For me (as a german) that means that the jumper W9 has to be installed
> to run the test, but it seems that it must be removed (as it originally
> was)..?

Yes, that's how I understand it too. 


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