M8192 KDJ11-A ZKDJB2 XXDP Test Failure

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Sep 14 13:28:40 CDT 2015

> Please, can someone from the natural english speakers here explain
> how this sentence is meant:

> "ZKDJB2  [...].  Ensure that halt trap option is disabled (jumper W9
> installed)."

> For me (as a german) that means that the jumper W9 has to be
> installed to run the test,

That would be my first interpretation too: that it is a directive
addressed to someone putatively running the test.  It _might_ mean that
the test also tests to ensure that the jumper is installed.

I see nothing there that would justify the test failing when the jumper
is installed but working when it's removed.  To me, that indicates that
something is broken: perhaps the hardware or perhaps the description
you quote (offhand, from the tiny amount I know of this case, my guess
would be that it's the text you quote that's wrong).

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