M8192 KDJ11-A ZKDJB2 XXDP Test Failure

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Mon Sep 14 14:02:42 CDT 2015

tony duell wrote:

> > That would be my first interpretation too: that it is a directive
> > addressed to someone putatively running the test.  It _might_ mean that
> > the test also tests to ensure that the jumper is installed.
> There is another interpretation that I have just realised. If this is the right one
> then whoever wrote that documentation need a dose of the clue-by-four!

Häh? What's that "clue-by-four!" ? :-)

> But here it is : 
> In order to completely test the CPU logic with this diagnostic, the 'halt trap option'
> must be disabled. To do this, fit jumper W9.
> If the 'halt trap option' is enabled then there are some faults that the diagnostic can't
> find, Therefore if W9 is not fitted a CPU module with a fault may pass the diagnostic
> But that would be a very unnatural way for me to understand it, and I would think whoever
> wrote something with that meaning was being deliberately confusing.
> -tony

...needless to say that the manual for the KDJ11-A means that the jumper
W9 isn't a "halt trap option", it says "W9  Removed   BEVNT Register enabled"

2.2.5 BEVNT Recognition
The LSI-11 bus signal BEVNT provides an external event interrupt request to
the processor. This feature is disabled when the W9 jumper is installed and
disables the line time clock register. When the jumper is removed, the
BEVNT input is recognized and is under control of the line time clock

...no, need no fucking manual... :-)



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