Is tape dead?

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Mon Sep 14 18:13:53 CDT 2015

I spoke to my former employer and they are ditching tape. They want off-site
replication and if they have an off-site replica they see no need for


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> The death of tape is greatly exagerated.
> My duties today included removing 50 tapes from our Storagetek 500 tape
> library and sending them offsite for safe storage.  These are LTO-5
> that can hold up to 30 Tbyte of compressed data and it can be written on
> tape with astonishing speed.
> On the other hand, my employer is bored with 40Gbyte DLT cartriges
> because 40Gbyte is little more than a SSSD 5-1/4" floppy disk these days
so I
> now can have them for free.  I have a DLT4000 backing up my toy OpenVMS
> box here at the office and another DLT4000 backing up my toy FreeBSD box
> at home.
> As for cartidges, I am overwelmed with media - including three unopened
> cartons of NIB DLT-IV cartridges.
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