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Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Tue Sep 15 03:02:50 CDT 2015

Mouse wrote:

> >> [...] a dose of the clue-by-four!
> > Häh? What's that "clue-by-four!" ? :-)
> The :-) makes it look as though you actually know what it is, but your
> asking for native-anglophone help makes me think perhaps not.  So I'm
> going to treat this as the request for idiom explanation it looks like
> on the surface, with no insult intended if you did indeed already know
> the idiom.  There may well be people here who don't but just haven't
> spoken up.

I've googled and saw a picture with some woodstick..that's all.

> It's an English computer-geek idiom.  It's playing on the common term
> "two-by-four" for a size of wood such as is used in building houses
> (which originally was two inches by four inches in cross-section but
> these days is significantly smaller, more like 13/8 by 7/2).  Cross
> "clue" (as in "get a clue") with the notion of thwacking someone with a
> two-by-four to get an idea into an idea-resistant victim, and out comes
> the "clue-by-four", the notional object with which one whacks someone
> to impart a clue.
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Got it, thx.

So this means the use of an "argument amplifier" or a "discussion wood"...
(translated from german)


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