PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Sep 15 08:34:19 CDT 2015

OK, so I finally got set up to scan manuals, with a scanner with a document
feeder, so I don't have to sit there and feed the beast! So now I can scan in
a number of 'missing' (online, at least) PDP-11 manuals which I happen to

The first thing through the machine was the DZV11 Technical Manual (which
Paul Anderson was gracious enough to loan out, to enable it to be put online
- thanks Paul!), now available here:


(as always, please download/distribute/replicate to other repositories).
I also did the 11/34 cache board user manual, now here:


I have also gone through my set of manuals and prepared a list of all the
ones which aren't online. I will slowly be scanning these in, but if anyone
has a particular need for any of these, please let me know, and I'll move it
to the top of the queue. They are:

EK-881PC-UG-003	    881 Power Controller User Guide
EK-H9646-UG-002	    H9646-AH/AJ Cabinet System User Guide

DEC-11-H40SA-B-D    PDP-11/40, -11/35 (21 Inch Chassis) System Manual

EK-FP11C-OP-001	    FP11-C Floating Point Processor User's Manual

EK-1184A-TM-PR4	    11/84 Technical Reference (Preliminary)
EK-1184E-TM-001	    PDP-11/84 System Technical and Reference Manual
EK-1184E-MG	    PDP-11/84-E User's and Maintenance Guide

EK-DHU11-TM-001	    DHU11 Technical Manual

(although IIRC that last is in a glued binding, so it's not really amenable
to being auto-fed unless I rip it apart, which I am loathe to do). I also

DEC-11-HR6B-D	    PDP-11 Conventions Manual

but that's in print format (i.e. large pages), and I'd have to hand-feed that
one through my A3 scanner.

The auto-feed scanner I have is an older Epson, which I got on eBay for not
very much. I'm using just the Twain driver from Epson; I'm doing my scanning
from IrfanView (a _very_ useful image tool, which if you don't have it,
download it, it's free) which spits out the CCITT4 TIFF's directly - and can
even number the output files backwards - incredibly useful when scanning
hunks of double-sided pages on a single-sided scanner!

If anyone wants to get set up to scan manuals, and wants to copy what I did,
let me know, and I'll provide details.


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