PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

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From: Noel Chiappa
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Subject: PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

OK, so I finally got set up to scan manuals, with a scanner with a document
feeder, so I don't have to sit there and feed the beast! So now I can scan 
a number of 'missing' (online, at least) PDP-11 manuals which I happen to
I have also gone through my set of manuals and prepared a list of all the
ones which aren't online. I will slowly be scanning these in, but if anyone
has a particular need for any of these, please let me know, and I'll move it
to the top of the queue. They are:

EK-1184A-TM-PR4     11/84 Technical Reference (Preliminary)
EK-1184E-TM-001     PDP-11/84 System Technical and Reference Manual
EK-1184E-MG     PDP-11/84-E User's and Maintenance Guide

If anyone wants to get set up to scan manuals, and wants to copy what I did,
let me know, and I'll provide details.


Thanks Noel.
In my Océ days I have scanned a lot, especially FMPS-s.
I know I probably have a few manuals that are not available for download,
but I would be very interested in the 11/84 docs, as far as not available.
My 11/84 boots till "04", but I cannot continue (entering a boot device
code on the console), because the console comm lines are defective.
Might be a PSU issue, have not (yet) investigated further ...

- Henk 

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