Is tape dead?

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Sometimes I think management just wants to offload the important work to 
some other entity so they can move the blame once things go south (and they 
eventually will). So much in the news about companies getting hacked and all 
the information stolen makes me wonder why your competition just cant have 
you hacked and your files tampered with. By the time you figure out 
something is fishy your off site mirror data might be screwed as well. The 
cloud is a hackers dream, why spend the time to hack individual companies 
when you can hack a data center and get 1000's of them at once.

I like tape for archives and collect all kinds of formats for fun. Most of 
what I use personally is LTO 1/2 since its so cheap and 100/200GB per tape 
is still useful. For old machines you just mess around with DLT/DDS/AIT work 
just fine. I have QIC tapes from the early 90's that are still readable if 

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I spoke to my former employer and they are ditching tape. They want off-site
replication and if they have an off-site replica they see no need for


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> The death of tape is greatly exagerated.
> My duties today included removing 50 tapes from our Storagetek 500 tape
> library and sending them offsite for safe storage.  These are LTO-5
> that can hold up to 30 Tbyte of compressed data and it can be written on
> tape with astonishing speed.
> On the other hand, my employer is bored with 40Gbyte DLT cartriges
> because 40Gbyte is little more than a SSSD 5-1/4" floppy disk these days
so I
> now can have them for free.  I have a DLT4000 backing up my toy OpenVMS
> box here at the office and another DLT4000 backing up my toy FreeBSD box
> at home.
> As for cartidges, I am overwelmed with media - including three unopened
> cartons of NIB DLT-IV cartridges.
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