Is tape dead?

ethan at ethan at
Tue Sep 15 12:38:24 CDT 2015

> Ever heard of CRYPTOWALL ?  I think that I got it from looking at PDFs on the 
> web while doing some research.  It's a trojan, not a virus.  It runs in the 
> background encrypting files.  Then it pops up a message demanding 500 euros 
> for the key!

Sounds like Cryptolocker. Even the police paid the ransom to get their 
data back.

At home I use an older Supermicro 15 bay 3u server as a NAS. I bought 
every disk in a pair, and usually don't buy it in advance. Even though it 
has a 24 port 3ware card, only the OS disk is mirrored, all the others are 
exported JBOD (single disk, no RAID)

Then I manually run an rsync script here and there to copy the data from 
disk set A to B.

Disk set A is the only one exported via NFS/SMB, so the only one the 
Windows and Mac systems can get to.

Originally I was meaning to script it so the B disks would be spun down, 
but haven't gotten around to that yet.

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