Clearpoint Q-RAM 11 chip locations

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Sep 16 08:19:48 CDT 2015

Documentation for the Clearpoint Q-RAM 11 board seems to be rather scarce;
all I could find was a user manual, with no technical info (manual or prints
or other documentation) online. (I'd be glad to be proved wrong! :-)

So as part of a project I needed to figure out which memory chips were which;
now that I've worked it out, I'm putting that info online here in the
archives, where eventually Google will find it, and make it available to
anyone who needs it.

So, looking at the card from the component side, with the handle at the top,
and the contact fingers at the bottom, there's an array of memory chips 12
columns wide, and 6 rows high; I see no ID system on the card, so I number
the columns A-L (from the left), and the rows 0-5 (from the top). The card
can have 4 banks of 128KB each, for a max total of 512KB.

The chip-bit relationship is pretty random:

Bank 0 - Columns A, E, I:

01	I2
02	E5
04	I3
010	A5
020	A4
040	A2
0100	A0
0200	A1
0400	E3
01000	A3
02000	E0
04000	E4
010000	E1
020000	E2
040000	I1
0100000	I0

Bank 1 - Columns B, F, J:
Bank 2 - Columns C, G, K:
Bank 3 - Columns D, H, L:

The banks 2/3 column assignments are a guess, not verified as yet. The bit
allocation seems to be the same in all banks; I tried a few in bank 1, and
they matched the ones in bank 0 (suitably offset in column, of course).


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