Desperately need BA11-N/BA11-S Technical Manual

tony duell ard at
Wed Sep 16 09:18:38 CDT 2015

 > So, I'm trying to fix a broken Power Monitor Boards (the thing that drives
> ACLO/DCLO) in an H786 (BA11-N power supply), and although I have the prints,
> I can't make head or tail out of them.
> (The circuit is a maze of op-amps and 555's. OK, OK, so maybe an analog guy
> can take one quick look, and understand instantly how it works. But I don't
> have that gene! :-)

Do you have a URL for the prints (to save me going through all possible 
candidates on bitsavers)?

I'm no 'analog(ue) guy' but I can see if there is anything obvious. What is 
the fault with your board?


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