Cryptolocker (was RE: Is tape dead?

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Sep 16 11:38:37 CDT 2015

On 9/16/2015 5:41 AM, Jay West wrote:
>   ZFS is a good solution:)
Is it a versioning file system?  I know it handles large data sets. Does 
versioning or such as time machine setups (Mac OS type of backup) defeat 
the problem.  I know you don't have time machine with PC's that get hit, 
are other than Windows systems vulnerable?

Did it hit the NAS storage, or just the attached drives?

One system, or did it propagate thru the organization?

Did you eradicate it, then get a tool for the decrypt?

Curious as to details here to think about measures to stop it, or 
mitigate it.

I'd apologize for the off topic direction, but this is a pretty serious 
threat that is hard to find info on that isn't bullshit or glossed over.

Reply offline if you would rather, but I suspect anyone with classic 
Windows XP systems and the like should pay attention.


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