Desperately need BA11-N/BA11-S Technical Manual

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Wed Sep 16 12:06:51 CDT 2015

On 16/09/15 14:36, Noel Chiappa wrote:
> Alas, neither seems to be available online. (The BA11-N is EK-BA11N-TM-001;
> the BA11-S is in the "PDP-11/23B Mounting Box Technical Manual",
> EK-23BMB-TM-001.)

I guess they're not much use to you, but both the user guides
(EK-BA11N-UG and EK-23BMB-UG-001) are available online.

I do have EP-BA11N-TM-001 and EK-BA11N-IP and EP-23BMB-TM-001
but they're microfiche and I have no easy way of scanning that.

If you don't get anywhere, I can try firing up the fiche reader and see
what's actually described in  there.


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