Backups [was Re: Is tape dead?]

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Enough repeated material over time just in case but yes,at one point random did .
BACK UPS on backups  on backups in my cases. Of course if one orig source file is bad from 10 years ago  the backups of said file are eckky too.  I await the dvds made of stone stuff
I like to stash backups off site scattered about the country too. Geographical diversity is great... az though saver than calif ...earthquakes. ..and safer than areas with floods and huricanes..
I guess it is all a roll of the dice  though. ..  but just do it lots and cast it far and wide.
I have no only museum stuff to worry  about but also the news service stuff we do.....Ed# www.smecc.orgSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

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> We have 10 years of backups.ed#
ever verified them?

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