HP 2225A HP-IB Thinkjet Parts wanted (in Europe)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 17 15:18:00 CDT 2015

> Hello,
> in order to repair a HP-IL device I am looking for remains of HP-IB (yes) Thinkjet Printers.

On the grounds that the HPIB Thinkjet is an HPIL one with an HPIB-HPIL interface (basically
an 82169 with different firmware)? 

> I only need the PCB resp. the HP-IL chip on the PCB for desoldering and implanting into another PCB.
> The mechanics can be damaged or even missing.

Are you _really_ looking for just the 1LB3 HPIL chip (with the 8 bit processor bus interface)? I may
well have a spare one of those...


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