SIMH PDP-8 question

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Thu Sep 17 20:46:26 CDT 2015

I have Lunar Lander (in Focal) working again on my PDP-8/A with two RL02 
drives (about which you have been reading a lot lately). It's been so long I 
don't remember where I got the text file (LUNAR.TX) from, but it's on both 
my RL02 OS/8 image and the physical pack...

The rather unusual way I got the Focal program saved onto the RL02 was to 
punch the text file to paper tape on the Teletype, start Focal, read the 
paper tape from the Teletype, then save the "typed"-in program to disk. 
Think that's how I did it quite a few years ago when I got the system, too. 
So far my best game is 0.20 mph "perfect landing - lucky!" :) Takes me back 
to junior high in the 70's...

Anyway, I'd like to do the same thing in SIMH (get the text file into Focal 
and then save it as a Focal program). Is there any way to do this with SIMH? 
Can I assign the text file to a paper tape reader, for example?


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