IBM 026

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Sep 19 13:10:07 CDT 2015

On 09/19/2015 01:12 AM, jwsmobile wrote:
> I have one each of 029 and 129.  I was never that impressed with the
> 026 to pursue one.
> The 029 is in a state of disrepair, complete, the 129 is running when
> I turn it on.

If you had a room full of 029, 026 and 024 keypunches, which would be 
used first?  My money's on the 029, then the 026 and finally the 024, 
unless there were some overriding requirement for the older character 
set over, say, an EBCDIC-equipped 029 (not all 029s punched EBCDIC).


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