ISO 800-3827-10A_SunOS_Reference_Manual, part one

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Sep 19 14:37:34 CDT 2015

On 9/19/15 12:29 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:

> I also have a lot of 1.1 stuff; considerably more than is on Bitsavers right now -- do you have more left to scan for that?

I thought I did, but it isn't in the sun to-do directory

> I also have a dozen or so Software Technical Bulletins from 1986-1989 or so -- SunOS 3.x era (not a complete set).  Any interest there?

yes, don't think I've ever seen those

> Cool.  Any recommendations for places to purchase spares from?

Not really, There are a lot of places that carry parts, and their prices vary a LOT.
Panasonic used to have a direct-sales site in Illinois, but I don't see it coming
up on line now.

The rollers should clean up easily. The thing I've seen is the rubber swells over time.
Thinking about it now, I haven't tried reducing the paper thickness with the knob on the
side or tried sanding the rollers so they were flat again.

There was a version on the earlier models that used silicone rubber, but those got stiff
over time and stopped gripping paper.

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