IBM 026

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Sat Sep 19 17:35:51 CDT 2015

Well, hopefully this community is about celebrating people that have an
interest in saving old valuable hardware. Not bullying them. Saving
substantial hardware involves a substantial personal investment in time and
money. So, Todd, well done, congratulations on your buy, and thanks for
taking care of a rare 026. And if you need any tips for restoration I would
be happy to help (I have an 026 and an 029, both fully functional now). 


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From: Todd Goodman <tsg at>
Subject: Re: IBM 026
Message-ID: <20150918235900.GF30683 at>

* Noel Chiappa <jnc at> [150918 07:25]: 
> So I see this sold - anyone know who got it?
> 	Noel

Yes.  I did.  I'll let people know what's up when I receive it.  Though
i don't expect to get much time with it for a while.


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