IBM 026

Jay West jwest at
Sat Sep 19 18:41:54 CDT 2015

Marc wrote...
Well, hopefully this community is about celebrating people that have an
interest in saving old valuable hardware. Not bullying them. 
Ditto. Offlist email sent.

Saving substantial hardware involves a substantial personal investment in
time and money. So, Todd, well done, congratulations on your buy, and thanks
for taking care of a rare 026. And if you need any tips for restoration I
would be happy to help (I have an 026 and an 029, both fully functional
Agreed. I've always half-way wanted a 026, and I have no doubt that $899 is
a reasonable price (for me). The only thing stopping me is no system to hook
it up to. But then, there's always the classiccmp "law of attraction" ;)


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