Garage sale in Silicon Valley

Tom Watson tsw-cc at
Sat Sep 19 21:51:55 CDT 2015

Various items that will probably be of interest here.  No reasonable offer refused.
Hard copy??  You got it:DecWriter LA30  (modified to show lower case, yes it works).DecWriter LA36 (Decwriter II)
Sun 4/110 floor standing model, 36 megs (if I remember correctly).Two SCSI boxes that go with the Sun, I believe one has an operating system on it.Apple LaserWriter Plus, two (UNOPENED) toner cartridges for it.ADDS Viewpoint 3A terminal.
Just so you know it is "classic":JVC U-Matic (3/4 inch) video cassette recorder, with cables.  NTSC.
Sorry I can't ship these, they are currently located in zip code 95008.PayPal accepted at time of sale.
Make me an offer I can't refuse!

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