IBM 026

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat Sep 19 22:38:00 CDT 2015

If somebody has one that they will sell for less than $100, then they can 
get away with saying that that is what it is worth.  Otherwise, "value" 
has no quantifier other than what some buyer and some seller agree on.

My parents sold their 57 Chevy station wagon for $50 in 1965.  What is it 
worth now?

When I was at Goddard Space Center, we had an 026 connected to a Gerber 
Data Digitizer (an oversized etch-a-sketch).  When you hit the foot pedal, 
it would punch two three digit numbers of the current coordinates of the 
crosshairs.  That one, surely, would be worth LESS that $100, due to the 
extra work that would be required to get that extra stuff out of it.

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