IBM 026

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Sep 20 06:41:53 CDT 2015

    > From: Marc Verdiell

    > thanks for taking care of a rare 026. 

Actually, IIRC this was an 029 - thread drift, after LCM (IIRC) enquired
about a punch - for them, an 029 seemed as good as an 026.

    > this community is about celebrating people that have an interest in
    > saving old valuable hardware.

Indeed, this whole list is about people saving computers that don't really
have any _practical_ use any more. By definition, from a purely _functional_
perspective, their value is scrap. But our viewpoint is not that - we see
them as interesting and historic artifacts - and in that light, their true
value is set by that old mechanism, supply and demand.

So some antique computers go for what I find remarkably low prices (e.g. QBUS
-11 stuff) because there's a good supply, and other very similar machines go
for a lot (that 11/70).because they are un-common. And IBM punches are not
exactly common items...


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