VARM revision J transcription

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Sun Sep 20 08:07:38 CDT 2015

Something like two and a half years ago, I got a copy of
EL-00032-00-decStd32_Jan90.pdf, a one-image-per-page scan of a paper
copy of the VAX Architecture Reference Manual.  I don't know where I
got it, but bitsavers has a file of the same name with the same MD5
checksum at /pdf/dec/vax/archSpec/EL-00032-00-decStd32_Jan90.pdf now,
so it likely was there.

I played with trying to build character-recognition software to convert
it to text and eventually decided it would be quicker and easier to do
it myself.

I've just finished that.  (I'm not sure whether it actually was quicker
or easier....)

The result is available from in
/mouse/docs/DEC/VARM/EL-00032-00-decStd32_Jan90.txt for anyone who
would care to grab a copy.

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