IBM 026

tony duell ard at
Sun Sep 20 08:30:45 CDT 2015

> Indeed, this whole list is about people saving computers that don't really
> have any _practical_ use any more. By definition, from a purely _functional_
> perspective, their value is scrap. But our viewpoint is not that - we see
> them as interesting and historic artifacts - and in that light, their true
> value is set by that old mechanism, supply and demand.

That is true of a lot (if not all) 'collectables', surely.

What is the 'value' of an obsolete postage stamp?

Practically, zero. You can no longer use it for the original purpose of
'payment' to have a letter or parcel delivered to somebody

The materials, close to zero. It's a square inch or so of paper and some printing
ink. Not exactly rare substances

To a collector, many thousands of pounds/dollars, perhaps, Becuase it is rare, and
he/she wants it.


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