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Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Sep 20 22:32:12 CDT 2015

On Sun, 20 Sep 2015, ben wrote:
> So did it matter? You ran Basic or played games from cassete.

Sure.  But, I was never happy with cassette for program nor data storage. 
I bought an Expansion Interface the day that it became available, but I 
never bought a drive from Radio Shack nor IBM.  Bare drives were already 
available much cheaper.  And the MPI B51 came out soon after.  Split band 
positioner worked better for me than spiral cam.
And, of course, I already had a small stack of TM100-1 drives in 1981, 
when I needed some for 5150 PC.

> That was for domestic systems, heaven help you lived out of USA
> for computers.
True.   I was in driving distance of Silicon Valley.

And, I never thought that the Micropolis 100tpi would ever be the 
mainstream.  I bought one, and got a Micropolis OS with it that I never 
used.  Their 48tpi drive, however, was the most reliable, albeit slow, 
drive for my TRS80s.
96tpi, admittedly took a little longer to be available, but it 
seemed an obvious better choice than 100tpi, just for the [admittedly 
flawed] interchange possibility.  Many years later, in a pile of TM100-4 
drives, I got a TM100-4M, even though I could never find one when I wanted 

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