Calcomp 1039 plotter docs?

tony duell ard at
Mon Sep 21 09:09:59 CDT 2015

> Spot on. it HAS the 2114 ram chips. now to find replacements..

The slight delay after power-on before giving the error indication suggested
a memory test to me...

Of course it might not be 2114 problems, but I have replaced so many of those
ICs over the years in all sorts of devices that I suspect them on sight now :-)

> strange enough there are 12 positions for ram chips and two of them are
> left unpopulated: pos 1 and pos 7.

2114s are normally used in pairs,, of course. They are 1K*4 RAMs, so it takes 2 
to make a byte. I hope some kind person hasn't 'borrowed' a couple of RAMs
from the plotter, that would be nasty.


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