Multi-platform distribution format (Was: Backups [was

tony duell ard at
Mon Sep 21 12:22:35 CDT 2015

> > Valdocs influenced the perception and image of the machine.
> That.  All the QX10 conversion jobs I've ever received have been for
> valdocs documents.  Nothing, in the way of accounting, process conrol,
> etc.  I can do accounting on many word processors, but they're still
> fundamentally word processors.

Have you ever read the technical manual for the QX10?

It appears there were 2 keyboards sold for it. One had Valdocs-specific
keys, the other (which seems more common over here, not that the QX10
is a common machine) doesn't and was used for a more standard
CP/M system. 

I see absolutely no reason why the latter could not run spreadsheets,
accounting programs, language compilers/interpreters, etc.


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