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Not CP/M admittedly, but small contemporary
Burroughs machines certainly used cassettes, both
for program and data storage. I wrote several
fairly complex diskless accounting systems using
four cassette drives, one or two card readers and
a line printer (in addition to the console

Why not; not much different conceptually after all
from early systems using open-reel mag tape, or
even punch(ed) cards.


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> On 09/20/2015 09:55 PM, tony duell wrote:
>>> Gee, I thought we were talking about CP/M
>>> here.  How many CP/M
>>> systems used cassette for storage.  Better
>>> yet, how many
>>> commerical/industrial CP/M systems used
>>> cassettes for program
>>> storage.
>> Epson PX8?
> That's a commercial or industrial system?  Did
> it run an EDM setup, turret lathe  or
> vacuforming machine?  Anyone keep their AR, AP,
> GL, payroll and inventory on one?   I doubt that
> one could run a PBX.
> I never looked at the Geneva or QX-10 as much
> more than word processing setups.
> --Chuck

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