IBM 026 - Decision Data 8010 card punch on Ebay in Germany

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On 9/21/2015 10:14 AM, Dave G4UGM wrote:
> Pretty sure that’s later than an 029, but really nice.
I used 029's in 1971, and they had been around for at least a year or
two at the school.  The auction say 1973, which is probably right.
>> <snip>
>> Not really a 026 but maybe contemporary with the 029:
>> Not mine.
Trimmed the URL so it doesn't wrap.

Google translate text of description.  I'd love to see Bitsavers get a
scan of the documents.

Another nit, I think the auction states no shipment to the US
(translation leaves a bit to be desired).  Currently sitting @ 1 euro.
Needs Repair.

Experience the EDP the early period and even punch cards punching

Here is a keypunch (Interpreting Data Recorder) of Decision Data, type
8010 available.
This card-punch came in 1973 on the market and had very many features.

The device was made ​​so quickly,  that it practiced by Locher inside
could still mitstanzen in real time even at the fastest input.
<The device operated so quickly that it was able to keep up in real time
with the fastest input> (my interpretation)

The optical condition <appearance>  of the device is very good, almost
as good as new.

Technically, it is not functional. It needs to be fixed.

For auction includes a German manual and 2000 original punch card
(uncut), so that for once can punch card repair (incl. Lettering). In
addition, the Manual is one with all the detailed schematics and

Dimensions: H = 98cm, B = 119cm, T estimated = 68cm Weight: 80-100 kg.

Therefore only be collected in 65779 near Frankfurt / Main. Private sale
of collection reducing without guarantee and no redemption. Similar
offers will follow soon.



I can give a better translation than Google does, but there are German
guys on this list who can do that too. It is pick up only near Frankfurt.
I am not prepared to pay too much (it is not DEC ...) but will give it
a try. Home to Frankfurt is some 400 km drive one-way.
The trip (+ truck rental) will already cost a nice penny though.

I do have a DEC card reader, so it would be nice if I can create
punched cards for the reader ... but not at any cost!

- Henk 

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