Some amount of DG goodness

shadoooo shadoooo at
Mon Sep 21 14:35:21 CDT 2015

you have a very nice lot of DG stuff, indeed!

I have a Nova 3 sitting on the garage, waiting for proper repair.
However it's missing all the front panel switch levers,
so I would need to rebuild them, not having had the luck of finding some at
reasonable price.
I have some picture of the original Nova 3 levers, however I didn't manged
have the exact size to fit an obtained plastic model very well.

Would you mind to take one cover apart, and put it on a flat-bed scanner
together with a clear ruler (in the same picture), so I can measure from
the image
the exact sizes?
The profile is not the same, but I can obtain it from the camera pictures I
already have,
using your images as size reference for rescaling.


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