Query for dec teleprinter roms

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Subject: Query for dec teleprinter roms

> Does anyone have an LA36, LA120 or LAS12, LA34, 
> LA100, or LA210 somewhere which they could dump 
> the ROMs from?
> LA100 (AKA LW100)... I have no idea. There's 
> definitely at least one rom revision. Also to 
> the best of my knowledge neither the maintenance 
> print set nor the technical manual for the LA100 
> are scanned (they certainly don't appear at 
> http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/dec/terminal/la100/ ) 
> , which makes it difficult to know.
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I've scrapped several LA100s and may even still 
have a complete one somewhere, but I should at 
least still have a PCB with the ROMs. When I find 
it I'll dump them and email them to you.

Note that there were two versions of the LA100: 
the LetterWriter (with full keyboard) and the 
LetterPrinter (with only a small control panel); 
mine are/were the RO LetterPrinters.

I should also still have the complete maintenance 
docs. I checked Bitsavers a few years ago to see 
if they were worth scanning and I could have sworn 
they already had them, including the print set, so 
I forgot about them; don't see it now so the 
senility must be getting worse.

I'll have a look but if/when I find them I don't 
think I can scan the print set; IIRC the pages 
were longer than 14".


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