Calcomp 1039 plotter docs?

simon simski at
Tue Sep 22 01:51:01 CDT 2015

ist an 6800L and in this machine it is a gold capped case.

On 21-09-15 18:01, Erik Baigar wrote:
>> Jon Elson <elson at> hat am 21. September 2015 um 17:47
>> geschrieben:
>> Hmm, that sounds like my 1076C. One board had a 68000 that
>> ran the plotter servos, the other was the "plot manager"
>> that had a big RAM buffer and sorted the plot vectors for
>> optimum speed. I think it mostly communicated with the host
>> computer and plotter main board by serial. Both boards had
>> 68K processors.
> Well, the 103x really had the 68xx, not the 68xxx. I think it was a 6802, but
> not sure now...

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