would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small eclipse

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Sep 22 11:08:04 CDT 2015

Jay Jaeger wrote...
???  What do you mean by "blue dg et head looking terminal"  ???

I'd bet that he's referring to the Data General Dasher D200 terminal.

I have one:

But perhaps a better picture:

The D200 isn't always on ebay, but usually they show up mildly frequently
there and seem to go around $200 to $250.

There was another common terminal on eclipse systems. I'm not sure if it was
in the Dasher series, but I believe it was called a "5821". I have one of
these as well.

Lastly, a common combination system console (terminal)/printer that is VERY
cool looking was the Dasher TP1 and TP2. Mine is a TP1.


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