would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small ecli...

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Tue Sep 22 12:24:18 CDT 2015

yes   ET!     the one in the  with the  head in the yoke  although anything 
blue and pretty   would   be better than nothing!  Our Eclipse is not as  
grand as   some photos ,,, and  the  tape  drive is a small  side by  side  
reel unit that  fits in the  single rack  here is  a photo of  ours....  
had it  for  years     need   manuals  etc and  maybe  some sales  lit.  or 
  scans  of  advertising material to  display with it...   but  yea... it  
cries out to have a terminal  with it!
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jwest at classiccmp.org writes:

Jay  Jaeger wrote...
???  What do you mean by "blue dg et head  looking terminal"  ???

I'd bet that he's referring to the  Data General Dasher D200 terminal.

I have  one:

But  perhaps a better  picture:

The  D200 isn't always on ebay, but usually they show up mildly frequently
there  and seem to go around $200 to $250.

There was another common terminal  on eclipse systems. I'm not sure if it 
in the Dasher series, but I  believe it was called a "5821". I have one of
these as  well.

Lastly,  a common combination system console (terminal)/printer that is VERY
cool  looking was the Dasher TP1 and TP2. Mine is a  TP1.


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