'New' PDP-11 prints

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Sep 22 15:16:29 CDT 2015

So, I've been going through all my PDP-11 prints, looking for ones that aren't
already online (so I can scan/upload them). I have a couple (see later
message), but this is about something else.

In doing the above, I ran across an LSI-11 print set (MP-00706) which is
about 340 pages long, and contains prints for all manner of boards, some of
which do not show up (for reasons I don't understand) when looked for in a
common search engine (Google, to be precise).

I will eventually be adding them to my list of 'online by unfindable print


(which I have recently updated with more finds falling out of the search of my
collection of prints), but: does anyone know of any other similar large
compendiums of prints online?

In particular, I'm hoping there's a later equivalent (this one's from October
1978) which would show a lot of the later QBUS boards which we don't have
prints for.

As I previously mentioned, I've gone through a number of PDP-11 print sets
which are online (11/05, 11/05S, 11/23, 11/34, etc) in compiling the initial
list, but it seems like there are more out there. Please let me know of any
others you are aware of, so I can trawl them too!


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