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Don't you need an IBM phone to go with it?

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> Huh, interesting ... I bet that thing is built 
> like an old Steelcase!
> Looks heavy :O


It is built pretty well. Think late 1970s early 
1980s furniture. It has heavy metal supports w/ 
casters built in but the "wood" is plywood - mind 
you not the cheap light stuff from today but 
certainly not solid oak. It was designed for use 
by businesses as a cheap and mobile cubicle. You 
can see an ad for it here:

It weighed unpacked about 100 pounds. Once fully 
loaded (monitor, system, keyboard, manuals, 
printer and printer paper) though I think it will 
tip the scale at over 200 pounds easy.

I am not sure how many different desks IBM made. 
This is the only one I have seen my old IBM 
catalogs. However, I know there were at least two 
other IBM Synergetix branded desks: a tri-level 
and a bi-level desk w/ moving platforms. I own the 
tri-level desk as well. The bi-level was 
supposedly for the Atlanta Olympics and is made of 


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