LA120 ROM & new member intro

Brian Walenz thebri at
Tue Sep 22 16:21:33 CDT 2015

Hi. The original ROM request showed up just before I started receiving
messages this morning, and I only got the tail end of the chatter.  Instead
of tacking a reply on to that, I thought I'd just start a new thread and
introduce myself at the same time.

Here's what I think is 23-038e4-00 from an LA120 (with a bad print head,
and dead pin drivers as well).  I couldn't find anything to compare it
against, and the adapter is new.  So it might be gibberish.  I did see, at
least, [A-Z] in the dump, so maybe it's good.

As for the introduction, I started life on the Apple II in fourth grade or
thereabouts, finally got a Commodore 128, then an Amiga, then jumped over
to UNIX (BSD mostly) and stuck there for years doing software.  After
funding stopped being an issue, I decided to get back to more interesting
and/or simple hardware, and electronics in general.  I seem to have
collected a rather complete HP86/87, under the illusion of using it for an
GPIB controller.  I'm now wrestling with an apparently dead PSU on a
MicroPDP (actually, I just now gave up on it), and am slowly fixing up a
PDP-8/a.  It has two CPU boards, one of which ignores the HALT
instruction.  From the schematics, I think it's one faulty 74ls chip, but I
haven't tried fixing it -- the machine has been down for cleaning/painting
for many months.  I just got it put back together this weekend.  I also
swapped out the fans for modern (quiet) 12v fans (driven off an isolated
power supply powered by the original 120 vac fan supply)...and now hear the
transformer buzzing away.  Win some, lose some.  Sigh.  Congrats on making
it to the end!



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