Core memory and OS/8

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Tue Sep 22 18:26:52 CDT 2015

One of the reasons I bought Vince's 32K SRAM board for my 8/A is because I 
was having flakiness with my "real" core boards (two 16K and one 8K).

Now that OS/8 is running again, and my RL8A and two RL02's are as debugged 
as they're going to get, I decided to experiment with the old core.
Put them back in the chassis and... the two 16K boards are now working 
perfectly. I ran it for two long passes with DHKMAD (checkerboard 
diagnostic) with no errors!

What's strange, though, is that OS/8 won't boot unless both 16K boards are 
in the backplane. Then it does boot and a MEM shows "32K MEMORY!" as 
Won't boot with 16K or 24K of boards, either.

I thought that only 12K was mandatory (at least that's what the Device 
Extensions manual says for an RL01). Or is that something that's set up 
during BUILD?... I don't see anything in the OS/8 manual and I know I had 
OS/8 running with 16K and 24K previously.


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