Core memory and OS/8

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Tue Sep 22 20:03:21 CDT 2015

<EmilyLitella> Never Mind! </EmilyLitella>

I put the 32K SRAM board back in with the top four fields disabled. Sure 
enough, OS/8 booted and MEM showed 16K, which confirms my recollection that 
it will work with less than 32K.

Then my lights came on - I had made an elementary error... I had selected 
the wrong MM8-AB 16K core board, the one that was jumpered for field 4-7.
So there wasn't any core in fields 0-3 which will "break" OS/8.

When I fired up the system with only the board jumpered for the LOW 16K 
core, everything works as usual.
Sorry for the bandwidth...


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