The desk has arrived - WAS: Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Ali cctalk at
Tue Sep 22 22:16:16 CDT 2015

> As mentioned previously IBM made (or put their name on) all sorts of
> things, including several telephones; I've got one somewhere but like
> much of my junk no idea where at the moment.


I was actually hoping you had images or linkage to said phone. Unless you are talking about the IBM smart phone from 20 years ago?

> I've also still got my original THINK sign but you'd have to pry that
> from my cold dead fingers; has anyone ever made a replica? Shouldn't be
> too hard.

These come up fairly often on ePay but I have yet to see one go for a reasonable price. I agree would be a cool accessory but as Fred pointed out they were not original to the desk.


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