would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small ecli...

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Tue Sep 22 22:56:11 CDT 2015

Ed reply - Jay - I  did all that  yeas ago... It did not   smoke  but  it  
also did not  do much  else.
LOOPBACK  to...   I need to  find  manuals and a  system tapes  probably.
Sure  looks  pretty  though  ( and better  with a  blue  et  head  terminal 
on top!)
I  wish I had  learned  more  about  DG   stuff.  I had some  folks   that 
had  helped   me  when I was starting out in the business   and  when DG  
stuff showed up or  a  local needed something usually I  turned  them  over  
to one of  my  friends. eventually  I  was  even handing of   DEC  deals  to  
friendly  people   and  just settled in on  the  HP stuff.
It  worked  well that  way  but  I  sure did  not learn much  abut  DG 
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jwest at classiccmp.org writes:

ed   sez -Pretty  futile to restore  until I have manuals  and  a  load  
tape if
needed in front of  me. 
jay  sez- Not futile at all. Taking it apart, cleaning it up, replacing  
obviously bad, checking out the power supply.... all things you  can likely
do without a manual. You could go a little further than that  just by asking
a few questions here; folks are glad to help! Think of all  the great stuff
you'd learn along the way!! You'd find manuals and tapes at  some point I'm

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