would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small ecli...

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Wed Sep 23 03:15:27 CDT 2015

You are indeed  lucky they ceased. Mine  did not   start  until my  20s
It is  definitely one   thing  that  made sure  I  had my own business.
Many people in a supervisory position have no  understanding of  what it is 
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On  9/22/2015 11:00 PM, COURYHOUSE at aol.com wrote:
> probably an  artifact   generated by my migraine this   evening  .

Ugh.  Had some of those while I was in High  School, complete with
squiggly lines, often nausea and hours of intense  pain.  You have my

Then one day I started to get one  while I was driving from home to the
local music store.  I pulled  over, took a deep breath and (I kid you
not) told myself no, you are not  going to get a migraine, ain't gonna
happen.  It went away almost  immediately, and I haven't had one since.
Go figure.  Almost certainly  pure coincidence. [I wish that would work
for everyone.   Sigh.]


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