would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small ecli...

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Wed Sep 23 16:00:59 CDT 2015

see if  mother in law  can bag it!  they are   rather  pricey  now!  heh 
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On  9/23/2015 2:34 PM, COURYHOUSE at aol.com wrote:
> I really believe   a  person  would  make an  entire  interesting  
> collection of  just  logic  trainers!
> we have a  couple of  the MINIVAC    trainers  too one I  keep under
> glass and the other   I  take out  for show and tell.

My mother in  law had one of those she used in her high school for extra
projects for  kids in her math classes.  Played with it when I was up one
Labor Day  weekend before my wife and I were married.

If that counts then so  should the Digicomp plastic slidy-toy-thing I had
as a kid.   ;)


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