R: Regarding Manuals

Mazzini Alessandro mazzinia at tin.it
Thu Sep 24 05:16:06 CDT 2015

Crying at the prospect of the waste :( (from someone that had the chance of
saving just a set of X-Open manuals)

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I have more manuals than I really have room for. Lots and lots of VMS
binders and softcover books. And now my employer is throwing out box upon
box of SUN, Ultrix, tru64 and various literature.

I'm trying to save what I think is useful and/or worth preserving. But It's
damn hard to decide and damn hard to motivate filling up every inch of
precious space.

At the moment I thinking about just looking the other way and throw what is
not directly useful to me.

What is a collector/hoarder to do? Anyone who wants to turn up with a 
truck and fill with dead trees?


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