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Thu Sep 24 15:10:10 CDT 2015

On 09/24/2015 12:12 PM, Rich Alderson wrote:

> Wasn't there?  I realize that the 1410 was not code compatible with
> the 1401, but the architectures are similar enough that I would
> expect them to have similar compilers.  I know that the 1401 had a
> FORTRAN IV compiler, because that was my first computer and first
> language, back in the spring of 1969.

It's a bit complicated.  There were actually two standards:  X3.9-1966 
and X3.10-1966.  Exactly contemporaneous; one is "USA Standard FORTRAN" 
and the other "USA Standard Basic FORTRAN"; the latter intended for 
smaller machines, so the list of features is reduced.  Both were ANSI 

S/360 had compilers for both varieties.  The 1410/7010 FORTRAN described 
in C28-0328-1 on first glance, appears to comply with ANSI Basic 
FORTRAN.  Certainly more F66-like than, say, 7090 FORTRAN II or 1620 
FORTRAN II.  No "READ INPUT TAPE"  nonsense, nor punching "B" in column 
1 to get logical expressions.

Both the usual and the basic varieties of FORTRAN are mentioned here:

The surprising thing is how spare the ANSI document is:  36 pages, 
including appendices.

Compare to, say, F95...


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