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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Thu Sep 24 09:11:36 CDT 2015

 >Al Kossow wrote:

> >On 9/24/15 5:53 AM, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
>> I think the oldest I have seen from Sun is from 1987 or 88. Is that 
>> old enough?
> Yes, 4.1.x is what I am looking for in particular. I have most of 3.0 
> - 4.1 covered, and any products that I don't have there, in particular 
> a clean copy of the NeWS and Open Windows manuals. There are a bunch of
> communications products, and things like the VME PC emulator board too.
> I put part number and dates in the file names, so they are easy to 
> dupe check.

There seems to be some interest in filling in the different versions
of these SUN computer manuals.

I though that perhaps there might also be some interest in the
DOC set of manuals for various versions of RT-11 and TSX-Plus.

While I understand that a number of individuals would appreciate
their own dead tree versions, before they arrive at that good
home of an interested individual, would there be any interest
in adding them the bitsavers archive?  From memory, I suspect
that there is:

(a)  Various pieces of V2 and V3, most of the pages from V04.00
(b)  Probably complete DOC sets for V05.02, V05.04G, V05.05

(a)  V6.31 in a binder
(b)  V6.5 as ONLY loose sheets

There has already been interest expressed in having the dead tree
version of the V05.05 RT-11  DOC set, but I just wanted to be sure
that other individuals who may be interested in having PDF files for
V05.05 and older versions of RT-11 know about the possibility.

As for TSX-Plus, I don't see a PDF of V6.5 being available.  I would like
to keep the dead tree version of the V6.5 TSX-Plus  DOC set manuals
available for myself until I no longer need them, but perhaps arrangements
might be made to have them scanned into PDF files and returned.

I have other RT-11 manuals as well and some PDP-11 hardware manuals,
but probably most are already in PDF files at bitsavers.

Jerome Fine

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