Moving PDP 11 gear - Status update

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Fri Sep 25 00:20:58 CDT 2015

Hello. It has been a while since i have posted anything on this list. Last
time i posted i was asking advice on how to properly load up and move a pdp
11 with related gear. It has been quite some time since i picked all this
stuff up and figured i would give a status update here to let others know
my progress with the machine.

Images of what I picked up can be posted later if there is interest.

In total i picked up the following:

2 racks containing -
a pdp 11/34
2 RL02 drives
A RL01 Drive
2 complete vt 100 terminals
2 large line printers

a second empty 11/34 . no cards.

second rack contains a large tape drive.

Piles of tapes and rl02 disks. I have yet to inventory them all. Most are
labled with aircraft names. The machine was used to recover flight data
recorder info, so i imagine that is what is on most of the tapes.
 Lots of RSX docs and related tapes.

I had the machine fired up for an hour or two, i was messing with the front
panel when i heard a fizzing sound followed by a burning smell. The front
panel is no longer responsive. I have been going over the power supply. Mr
Paul Anderson on the list here has been generously been giving much of his
spare time assisting me on the phone with troubleshooting the power supply.

Thats my progress so far. Kinda taunting that i moved it all the way over
here and it does not even work yet, but hopefully soon i can get it to work

Lastly, the line printers were thrown in at the last moment, i was not sure
i was even going to be able to fit them in the van. Due to their weight i
have not been able to move them from where they were sat down since they
were picked up back in july. If anyone is interested in them, i can let
them go for cheap. I just do not have the space for them both, but the
seller was going to throw them out if i did not take them. Ill post back
with the model #'s and a couple pictures.


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