Looking for some DEC-related spares..

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 25 12:52:01 CDT 2015

I am currently sorting things out after a house move last year and getting my PDP11s back
together. Unfortuantely there was some damage in the move [1] and I am currently looking for
a source for the following : 

1) 2 off the small screw-down feet used on the outriggers of the H960 rack. Not the larger ones
under the rack, the little ones with the 3/8" A/F hexagon for a spanner. I have the outrigger castings,
undamaged, but 2 of said feet got bent at right-angles (!) [2]

2) 2 off switch mechanisms for the PDP11/45 front panel. I have the toggles (thankfully), I need
the switches. I think the 11/40 and 11/70 use the same swtiches. Probably C&K originally.

[1] I have learnt the hard way. If you need to move classic computers do not use a removal
company (this applies to anything else of any value). It is cheaper in the end to find 3 or so 
friends and give them 10K pounds/dollars each to help you with the move. 

[2] I asked said removal men if I should remove the outriggers. They told me not to bother. Looks 
like they tried to pivot the rack on those little feet (!).


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