Acquiring a bunch of Lisp Machines

dwight dkelvey at
Fri Sep 25 20:17:51 CDT 2015

 > From: ian.finder at
> I'm sorry, I usually try and keep it together on this list.
> Dwight- your post is a shitpost.
> (
> I'm not gonna delve into details, but the Symbolics machines have a
> substantial number of unique challenges going for them. It's not as if none
> of us have invested substantial time into understanding what's going on.
> It's an extremely complicated, largely undocumented system.
> Impossible? No. That said, your experience with bootstrapping an IMSAI
> could not possibly be a more irrelevant anecdote.
> But I do appreciate that you bootstrapped an S-100 machine once.
> "A lisp machine would clearly be difficult but not impossible for a
> determined
> hacker.
> If it was designed to run it can be made to run again."
> > If it was designed to run it can be made to run again.
> It wasn't. That's part of the problem.

I don't know you and you obviously don't know me.
I know many people like you. Many that claim to know what they are
doing and are experts in there fields.
I am curious about you statement" It wasn't", as to designed to run.


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